Our Team

  • Norman Bizon

    Norman J. Bizon, PA-C, CTH®

    Hello, my name is Norman and I'm Physician Assistant. Medicine is my calling and travel is my passion.

    From Surgery to Travel Health

    Norman grew up in the Great White North of Canada and moved south of the border to pursue a career in medicine, graduating from the Physician Associate program at Yale University School of Medicine in 1992. He worked for 12 years in surgery, first in Canada and then at the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale.

    Norman started practicing Travel Medicine in 2006 and earned his Certificate in Travel Health (CTH) from the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM) in 2007. Practicing family medicine for almost 15 years provided him the knowledge and experience to treat a wide variety of patients from pediatrics to the elderly. Norman has been exclusively working as a Travel Health Consultant since 2018.

    From Fiji to the Himalayas

    At the young age of 16, he caught the TravelBug trekking around the South Pacific and has been afflicted ever since. He became interested in Third World medicine while living in the Himalayan foothills in India as a volunteer for Canada World Youth.

    Inspired by the human element of travel and the importance of service, he has volunteered on medical missions in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. When not traveling or practicing medicine, Norman can be found shredding singletrack on his mountain bike or behind the lens of his camera.

  • Becky Mattes

    Rebecca A. Mattes, MS, MA

    Hello, my name is Becky. IT was my profession, but languages and travel have always been my passion.

    From International Development to Information Technology

    Becky grew up near Houston, Texas and moved to Washington, DC after completing a BA in International Affairs and Spanish at Baylor University in 1989. Prior to graduation, she lived and studied abroad in Mexico and Spain. She began her career in international development, but migrated to the information technology field with the completion of her MSc in Information Systems Development from the George Washington University (GWU) in 1997.

    With the completion of an MA in International Science and Technology Policy in 2006 from GWU’s Elliott School of International Affairs, Becky relocated to Brussels to work for NATO Headquarters. After 10 years and various positions in Brussels she returned to the US to do independent consulting, help raise cattle on her family’s farm, and support TravelBug Health as the part-time Operations Manager. Having been an avid globetrotter for 50 years, she likely has some inside tips for your destination.

    From Small Town Texan to Globetrotter

    At the age of 3 Becky caught the TravelBug during her first family vacation to Mexico while standing on the pyramids of Teotihuacan. Inspired by archeology, history, geo-politics and languages, Becky has lived in or traveled to over 70 countries across every continent except Antarctica. Fluent in Spanish and French, she also can haggle in the souks across North Africa and the Middle East using her Arabic. In her spare time she does wildlife education programs as a raptor handler for Liberty Wildlife in Phoenix.

  • Jordyn Gregoire

    Jordyn E. Gregoire, BSc

    Hello, my name is Jordyn. My career path is medicine but my passions will always be skiing and globetrotting.

    From Equestrian and Ski Bum to Biologist

    A Canadian-American, Jordyn was born in New York City and spent her life moving back and forth between the right and left coasts. In her youth she was both a champion equestrian in Connecticut and a daring triple-black diamond skier in Lake Tahoe. Upon graduation from Greenwich Academy she pursued a BSc at Santa Clara University, which included a semester abroad in Sweden.

    In her own words she is “a little too nice to be East Coast and a little too blunt to be a true Californian.” Her best-of-both-worlds demeanor and extensive travel experience makes her an asset to the team as a Travel Health Specialist supporting travel consultations and COVID testing.

    From the New York and California Boomerang to Scottsdale, Arizona

    Jordyn was bit by the TravelBug on her first family vacation abroad to Spain. She has traveled extensively through Southeast Asia, East Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and Australia. She has even spent time as a volunteer English tutor in northern Thailand. Jordyn’s education plans include a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies. With a dream trip in the works to go heli-skiing in Antarctica, Jordyn has the drive and energy to accomplish all her goals.

  • Corbin Benson

    Corbin Chimaobi Benson, BA (expected completion 2022)

    Hi, my name is Corbin. My passion is to use my degree in global health to support underserved communities in my native Nigeria.

    From Athletics to Global Health

    Originally from Nigeria, Corbin is a natural born leader with the athleticism to match. Corbin was a football quarterback, point guard for his basketball team, and ran the 4x100 relay during his youth. His passion for sports led him to study sports medicine and physical therapy. Mid-way through his university studies he reconnected with family in Nigeria and changed course so he could change the world.

    Having just a few courses left in his Bachelor of Arts degree, Corbin combines his natural ability to connect with patients with his expertise in epidemiology, travel and public health. His infectious laugh and smile will guide you through all your questions or concerns. As a Travel Health Specialist, Corbin tests patients for COVID-19 and assists in travel consultations.

    From a Village in Nigeria to Tempe, Arizona

    Corbin has had the TravelBug all his life. He was born in Egbema, Nigeria and moved to the US as a child. He lived in New Jersey and Nevada before calling Arizona his home starting in 2007. Corbin is close to his adopted US family and all his loved ones in Nigeria. With a trip in the works to travel back “home” after graduation, Corbin is planning for a long career in international public health in the underserved regions of West Africa.